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Have you ever fed a giraffe with your hands?

The Brevard Zoo opened in 1994 funded by contributions and grants; the Zoo is built on 56 acres donated by The Viera Company’s corporate parent, A. Duda & Sons, Inc. with a volunteer force of over 16,000 local citizens. Their mission is “Wildlife Conservation through Education and Participation” and as a world-class zoo they had raised $3.5 million dollars to build an advanced animal habitat for a modern day zoo.

The Zoo is home to more than 550 animals representing over 165 species from Florida, South America, Africa, Asia and Australia. Every section of the Zoo is build to be interactive with is visitors and to provide a sense of being “naturally” in the wild.

The educational fun starts with the Zoo Academy and Jr. Zookeeper programs. Each program provides children an enriched experience to nature, their environment, and the animals that are a part of it all.  Paws on Play during the hot summer days and Night Hike Adventures with Zoopendous Overnights are just a few of the many opportunities to learn and discover more about the animals of the Zoo.

The staff works with multiple school districts to provide programs for students including conservation lead field trips and volunteerism. Day camps during the summer months offer children a hands-on learning experience and peak into the vast animal kingdom.